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XLCubed grew from the development of an advanced reporting tool for an Oil Industry package in the late 1990s.

This package now manages over 40,000 gas station prices around the world for Oil Majors and mid-tier organisations. Based in the Thames Valley corridor in the UK, XLCubed has a global customer base, ranging from enterprise level usage within some of the world's largest corporations to the SME sector.

From the beginning, XLCubed was designed and built for mission-critical use, with volume data within the Enterprise. We believe that Excel is a fantastically productive environment for business users, but recognise its risks and limitations. Our software marries the best aspects of Excel, with the performance and flexibility of a Microsoft class-leading BI platform, SQL Server Analysis Services. For larger implementations, reports and dashboards built in Excel can be simply published to the web where they remain fully interactive, but the web users require no client-side software.

Our products and services aim to help companies maximise their return on investment in the Microsoft BI stack. XLCubed has a consultancy background, and offer consultancy services ranging from performance-tuning existing implementations, through cradle to grave development of Performance Management Solutions.